* To make mistakes- life can throw us a curveball at times but the key to that is learning how to feel about our mistakes. Often times we were told we should be ashamed of the mistakes we make in life to the point that it’s conditioned in our mind that as soon as a mistake occurs we won’t learn from it unless we recognize how it makes us feel within that moment and seek the help to learn from that mistake. Overall it is important to always see the brighter picture because making mistakes and failing are actually very positive things.

*To have bad days- Bad days come a dime a dozen can we agree we all have bad days. Majority of us as humans I can say probably have more bad days than good sometimes we try to figure out when are we gonna ever see a good day; are things ever going to turn out in my favor? Every time a bad day does not destroy you, your brain keeps track of this as a small victory. What's a bad day?

Let’s just classify that as something that hold you back from seeing anything bright about it. But keep in mind that it’s ok to have these feelings.

*To be less than perfect- If your reading this article and you’ve ever felt less than perfect please just raise your hand it’s OK your in a crowded room just raise your hand because I myself have had many of those days. Never have I walked into a room and place myself to feel inferior to anyone but at times it dawns on me that I am not perfect actually no one is speaking from the opinion of the person writing this. The American Psychological Association (APA) defines an inferiority complex as “a basic feeling of inadequacy and insecurity, deriving from actual or imagined physical or psychological deficiency.” Some of the common signs of inferiority complex are:

~Feelings of hostility, frustration, nervousness, or aggression.


~Inability to complete tasks.

Now that we made it clear what inferiority complex means. Is it possible that you might have low self-esteem something to think about right?! Low self-esteem words that not so often want to be spoke about spoken upon because it comes with so much stigma I would say for myself personally and what society has also placed upon you as an individual which affects you. People who struggle with low self-esteem are consistently afraid about making mistakes or letting others down. The best way to combat these feelings of low self-esteem is to practice gratitude and challenge you’re thinking.

*To do what’s best for you- It’s time to take care of yourself starting now with setting boundaries for yourself. And remember it’s OK if you make mistakes and contradict yourself with these boundaries it will happen, #selfcare is very important to individuals not only mentally but physically and spiritually. It’s pretty easy to sabotage yourself when taking steps or making decisions about what’s best for you, for your life and your overall growth. I’ve learned that the key is to Make any decisions I want At any moment in time without yielding to criticism from others or fear from the inside.

Remember you’re the one in the driver seat in your life‘s journey.

*To be yourself- How often do we hear be yourself, be you feel comfortable within yourself, these are the things we hear all the time. But wait when one becomes their true authentic self and present that to others it’s then met with criticism. What does be your self mean? I can honestly say That life has brought me many avenues of stress and pressure that has limit my ability to be my best self, HONEY! I learned that It’s important to not give up on the person I truly want to be. I’ve made it a mission to stat optimizing all areas of my life to encourage growth, limit distractions and focus on the goals I want to achieve. On these stressful avenues I learned that It’s not about wanting others to think and act the way I do; it’s about being tolerant and keeping a proper perspective. The end goal is to be your best self without compromising your values.

Proverbs 3:5

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” Hope you enjoyed this reading!

By: Nadia Joseph

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