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It's Mental Health Month.

Mental health problems are actually very common. In 2020, about:

  • One in five American adults experienced a mental health issue

  • One in 6 young people experienced a major depressive episode

  • One in 20 Americans lived with a serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or major depression

Workshops & Trainings

Talk About It.....

In addition to providing support services, we offer a list of resources on a variety of relevant topics. From the latest educational articles to media content, our resources section updates frequently, so check back regularly to find the information you need.

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A Supportive Hug

Mental Health Clinic

The Holistic Approach To Mental Health

Holistic therapy is a type of therapy that addresses the "whole" person. This kind of treatment includes spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional forms of well-being. The goal is to help individuals develop a deeper understanding of themselves on all these levels.

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Community Outreach

How Can I Help You Today?

The main goal of our outreach programs are to improve learning, promoting civic engagement, and strengthening communities through addressing their societal needs.

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Food Bank

Help Someone In Need.

Our food bank work with the local communities to ensure that everyone has access to healthful foods. 

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A Supportive Hug

Mental Health Screening

Reinforcing our Commitment

Therapy Session

Homeless Outreach

One Step at a Time

The Streets

Food Donation Drop-Off

Helping The Community

Community Service


Founded in 2016 by Nadia Joseph, Nadia P Joseph Foundation Inc has come a long way from its beginnings of Community outreach and wellness healing. When Ms. Joseph first started out on her journey of accepting that she deals with mental illness, her passion for helping herself learn different ways of wellness to maintain a better life for herself and others who have had a hard time battling with their mental health. which drove them into depression, also suffering with anxiety or even having thoughts of hurting themselves, so the goal of Nadia P Joseph Foundation Inc will work closely with other organizations aligned with the foundation’s Mission to offer the best services to the community and those in need. We now serve clients all over the West Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade County’s in the South Florida Area and Ms. Joseph is thrilled that her goal is to be able to turn her passion into reality to H.E.L.P everyone in need. 


“I hope to Bring light to those who feel lost in the darkness because I’ve personally been there and know what it takes to walk that journey and support what’s needed to find the way”.

- Nadia Joseph